Networking for small business owners in the building and construction industry

Do you feel alone? Feeling weighed down? Struggling to focus - you know what you should be doing but you're just not doing it? Relationships suffering?

What if you could connect with others with similar experiences? What if you had a community of thinking partners to get you your results quicker? What if you could learn from the mistakes others have made? How much time, energy and resources could you save?


We’ve got you - You’re in the right place!

Our events give you the opportunity to come together and share ideas and insights taking that weight off your shoulders. Monthly educational events (we refer to them as Laugh and Learn sessions) are a fun way of improving motivation and lowering stress. Laughter produces Dopamine otherwise referred to as the reward hormone that is responsible for controlling our moods. A pretty good reason to make time for yourself and have a few laughs with fellow business owners. 
 Our guest speakers present on informative topics to support you in personal and business growth. Then we have our quarterly social events that really make us feel apart of something bigger – Think of us as the social club within a big business created just for you and your family. Social connection is just as important as eating well and regular exercise. 
As business owners connecting with other business owners sharing experiences reduces our stress and anxiety.
**Due to COVID-19 our events will be held online until further notice. Please go to our Facebook Page for our latest online events & updates.