More than 80% of Small businesses fail in Australia due to cashflow issues. Frightening stats!

I want to share with you 3 mindset shifts to increase your ability to keep your business moving, save a load of stress and anxiety, improve your cash flow and increase your profits.

Our mindset is the most important part of our business and ultimately our ability to manage our cash flow and create profits.

Have you ever heard of the money thermostat? We all have one! Our thermostat was created by the beliefs we took on from our parents, carers, teachers basically anyone we’ve ever spent time with. We heard them say things like “money doesn’t grow on tree’s”, “you have to work hard”, “if you don’t have an education you will never get anywhere”, “people with money are crooks” are just a few of the beliefs many of us have taken on. These beliefs show up subconsciously and impact us in many ways. They can impact our ability to make money, to save money, to spend money.

Our thermostat is the dollar value you think you are worth, what you believe to be your earning capacity. It dictates how big we dream, what we think is and isn’t possible.

Have you ever given any thought to what your money story is? The story that created your belief around how big you dream and how much you achieve?

I want to share with you 3 mindset shifts to inspire you to improve your cash flow and increase profits.

  1. Change your money story
  • What do you tell yourself about money?
  • Do you tell yourself you’re not good with money?
  • Do you avoid dealing with money issues or avoid investing time in managing your finances?
  • Do you avoid chasing money for fear of upsetting the customer?

Continue with these money stories and nothing will ever change!

Create a new money story –

  • I am an exceptional money manager
  • I seek help when needed to manage any money issues
  • I provide excellent service and deserve to be paid well for my efforts
  • My customers appreciate my efforts and pay me on time every time
  • I make time weekly to review my finance
  • I have plenty of money
  • I can help more people when I have money


  1. Change your identity

Unfortunately, a lot of small business owners have a misguided mindset about the role they play in their business. They get trapped being the worker instead of developing strengths as the CEO (Chief Entrepreneurial Officer).

By changing and improving your mindset about the role you really need to play you will also activate a powerful worthiness principle – you deserve to be paid well as a CEO! Conditioning yourself to think, act and lead your business as a CEO, you also make much better decisions for the overall health of your business.

  1. Take responsibility

This mindset shift isn’t just relevant to money – it’s an essential mindset shift to create change and achieve the results and success that you deserve. When shit happens, when failures occur take 100% responsibility. It can be tempting to blame someone else but do you really want to become the victim?

When you play the role of victim you are choosing to give away your control. You are living at the effect of others. In order to change and improve your money mindset, you absolutely must take 100% responsibility for your actions. Be in control, choose how you live your life. Take time every day to reflect and see what you can learn from each experience and interaction, what can you improve what did you do well that you could implement in other areas of your work and life.

Be the hero of your own story by overcoming the setbacks, learning from your failures, and creating an unstoppable money mindset.

“To make mistakes or be wrong is human. To admit those mistakes shows you have the ability to learn, and are growing wiser.”
― Donald L. Hicks