What is HR? Do I need help?

What is HR? Do I need help?

When you have come from a small business the likely hood is you have never been exposed to a HR department. You may be wondering what is a HR or Human Resource department? HR department’s purpose is to recruit, onboard, train, manage employee records and updating of training requirements, performance appraisals, workforce engagement, payroll, and compliance.

As a small business owner there has been much head holding over the years when it comes to managing the process of employing and growing a happy, healthy, and productive team. I remember those early years and to be quite honest even recently feeling completely overwhelmed with understanding aspects of the Building and Construction On-site award… eek what a head spinner.

Starting out we had a grand vision of growing a team and being the leaders and business owners that others would aspire to. Not quite as easy as I thought!

Like many small business owners starting out I’d attempted to do everything myself and rely on the online services offered by ATO, Business Victoria and industry associations. What a rabbit hole I’d find myself in.

Attempting to do it all ourselves obviously increases our workload, stress levels and often our ability to take care of our own mental health. I’m sure at some stage we’ve all experienced the wrath of an overworked, stressed and exhausted boss and assured ourselves that we would never behave in such away. Yep, I turned into that person I swore I would never be.

In the eagerness to grow our business and cope with the workload employees are often employed hastily with little thought to our obligations as an employer.

Speaking with many employees and fellow business owners the number one thing that seems to be overlooked is a clear job description that out lines responsibilities and how those responsibilities will be measured. The second is employee agreements or contracts setting the boundaries and expectations of employment.

With process in place, boundaries, standards, and expectations clearly stated for both employer and employee we can manage our team with confidence and concentrate on the most important aspect. The health, wellbeing and productive of us and our people.

We are all people; we all have stuff to deal with as leaders we can make or break someone so lets all aim to be great business owners and leaders.

I have invited Peter Maguire form Ridgeline HR to speak at our next Building Connections “Laugh and Learn” so if your looking to learn more in a fun environment click here

How to get in front of potential clients?

How do I get in front of potential clients?

At last month’s Building Connections “Laugh and Learn” we had Allen Cook from Conversion Digital join us as our guest speaker.

Allen shared loads of useful tools to help us monitor our online world, how to improve our visibility and how to manage our reputation.

Often, we get so caught up in our routines or dare I say it bad habits (you know the checking emails or phones and getting sucked into a web of information that steals hours from our day) that we loose sight of the super important task of marketing our business.

Marketing must be our number one activity! Without marketing no one knows who we are or where to find us, what problem we solve or the value we offer.

One of the interesting points Allen bought up was the use of Google My Business (GMB). Surprisingly only 1% of Australian businesses are using GMB… now that’s a massive opportunity to stand out from your competitors. And it’s pretty simple to do!

Here’s what I learnt:


Creating a GMB page

Your Google my business page is ultimately another website for your business and a tool to drive traffic to your official business website. When someone does a google search for your industry – example. Plumber near me. You GMB page will pop up under the local map, potential clients can then click on your profile and see your open hours, read, and add reviews, ask questions, find out more about you, call you, and click the link to your website.

If you don’t have a GMB page google will step you through it https://support.google.com/business/answer/2911778/

Once you have a GMB page

  • fill in all the information, location, open hours, services… add as much info as you can.
  • Add your logo and some photos showing what you do
  • Regularly (at least once a week) post a photo and content.
  • When posting content keep it promotional by answering questions your customers would be asking or sharing something educational about your business or service

Optimise content.

Use keywords and phrases in your GMB posts and in you website and Blog content to improve your SEO.

One really useful tool to optimise content is the answer the public website you get o ask one question a day for free and you get to see what questions the public are asking google.

Another great spot to look for content and optimising phrases is looking at the bottom of the google page and you’ll see what else people are searching for.

Upvote content on your site by commenting and encourage others to share their comments.

Become an encyclopedia for your business

Create blogs that provide your customers with knowledge.

Encourage the asking of questions on your GMB page and answer every one-off them.

Include interesting information and statistics on your website.

Business reputation

According to RevLocal 87% of people trust reviews as much as a personal referral. Which makes keeping on top of reviews super important. Allen recommends doing a weekly search on your business name to see what conversations are going on.

Ensure you comment on every review the good the bad and the ugly.

Yes, you will possibly get a review that isn’t 5 stars. Think of this as an opportunity to really stand out from the competition and respond with a heart centred response if the client has had a bad experience. Shit happens and it’s not always possible to keep everyone happy add to this you don’t know what’s going on in their world and what small issue could have tipped them over the edge.

Some response examples:

“Thank you for your sensational review we are happy to have been of service.”

“We are so glad you had a positive experience. Thank you for the warm words.”

“My sincere apologies that you experience …. We appreciate you bringing it to our attention and have now addressed this issue”.

“We'd love to clarify what has happened for you, however I've checked our data base and we don't have any record of a contract in your name.

I'd also like to note that there has been a few cases where our business has been confused with another business "……." and I'd like to confirm that we have no affiliation with this other business and we only operate out of ”………"

Feel free to contact us at ………..”

Reviews are gold and well worth investing the time in asking you customers to write a review.

Allen suggests aiming for 40 Google reviews, that way any bad reviews from unsatisfied customers or competitors will not drag down your overall rating.

Monitor performance of your website.

Did you know that search engines rank your website by Loading speed, Visual stability and how quickly can you interact? Google want people using their search engine to have a great experience so be sure to check your website vitals regularly to keep in their good books.

Allen shared that an increase of .10 can increase conversion by 8%

Add visiting these sites to you weekly or monthly tasks to make sure you pick up an issues



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