New Worksafe Infringement Notice as of 31st July 2021

New Worksafe Infringement notices as of 31st July 2021

As of 31st July 2021, Worksafe Victoria implemented a new tool for safer workplaces.

Worksafe inspectors will be able to issue infringement notices with penalties of up to 10 penalty units, or $1,817.40. The nature of the offense will determine the fine issued ranging from 0.5 penalty units to 10 penalty units for companies and up to 2 penalty units for an individual.

A penalty unit is set annually by the Victorian Treasurer and is updated on the 1st July every year and determine the amount a person is fined.

Worksafe inspectors can issue infringement notices on offenses including:

  • Working without a necessary license, registration, qualification, experience, or supervision
  • the use of tools, equipment, or products that are not licensed or registered as required
  • not meeting duties relating to the removal and storage of asbestos
  • not keeping various required records

What does this new infringement notice mean for you?

When assigning a person to a task you need to ensure they hold the appropriate license or qualification to perform that task. If they, don’t you must provide a suitably qualified person to directly oversee the task.

An example of this, if you have a qualified trades person and 2 apprentices working together only one of the apprentices can be carrying out a task that requires a qualification under the direct supervision of the fully qualified person.

We recently witnessed the process in action with our own team when a Worksafe officer called the qualified over for a conversation and the qualified team member did as they were asked but in doing so left a labourer continuing to work unsupervised.

By Colleen Sinclair

Masta Scaffold Melbourne

What to consider when looking for a Scaffold Company

What to consider when looking for a Scaffold Company

Are you looking for a Scaffold Company that you can trust? A Scaffold Company that wants a win win outcome and genuinely cares about safety and profit?

There is no denying scaffold is an expensive aspect of the build process with no long-term value added to a project. That said it is an essential part of the build process and protects our workers and our loved ones from falling from heights avoiding injury or worse death.

Like most industries the worker who feels they can do better than their boss, decides to start their own Scaffold Company with often little experience and knowledge of the bigger picture. This then leads to 1. companies who do not understand or avoid paying their obligations enabling them to undercut the Scaffold Companies that do pay their obligations and 2 Scaffold Companies that cut corners and put lives at risk.

Yes, you can save money going for the cheaper option but there is also the possibility of it being much more expensive in the long run. Being provided with a substandard scaffold leaves you with multiple risks;

  • scaffold may not be fit for the purpose and you may then be left with variations to pay.
  • if not installed to compliance standards you increase the risk of falls, injury, or death.
  • you may find you have expensive workcover claims.
  • If a death occurs on your project and you are found to be at fault you could face manslaughter charges.

When looking for a Scaffold Company in Melbourne there are a few key points that are worth considering.

  • Are they a reputable business? You can generally ascertain this through their website or social media profiles where you will see who they have worked with and the quality of their work.
  • Are they fully insured? Ask for copies of their workcover and public liability insurance certificates of currency.
  • Are there scaffolders licenced?
  • Ask to speak with an existing client.

You want a Scaffold Company who is committed to creating a scaffold that is specific for your trades and workers allowing them to complete their tasks safely and not a scaffold built to tick a box. A Scaffold Company that genuinely wants you to be safe and profitable.