Let's answer some of your questions...

Building Connections is a community of business owners within mainly the building and construction industry.

Most events are aligned with the needs of the construction industry however we do hold events that appeal to a wide range of industries, and we welcome you to join us.

Building Connections is all about providing information and facilitating introductions to support and inspire small businesses.

We do this through online and live events along with our membership platform which will include a directory of service providers/expert contributors.

Social connection is just as important as eating well and regular exercise. As business owners connecting with other business owners sharing experiences reduces our stress and anxiety.

Taking time to interact with others in our industry is often when we have our light bulb moments that give us our greatest results.

For less than a manicure or carton of beer a month you get…

  • access to all online events.
  • resources to support you in your business saving you time and money.
  • discounts on training and events for you and your team.

We are an inclusive community and believe we can all learn and support each other so everyone is a winner.

  • Get ideas and inspiration.
  • Get and give support.
  • Grow your social and business network.
  • Get a different perspective
  • Gain knowledge.
  • Join forces with like-minded businesses for a win: win outcome.
  • Get the answers you need from people who have been where you are.
  • Remove stress and frustration.

You are free to attend as many events as you like. You will get the most out of your membership by committing to attend events and participate in the community.