What is HR? Do I need help?

When you have come from a small business the likely hood is you have never been exposed to a HR department. You may be wondering what is a HR or Human Resource department? HR department’s purpose is to recruit, onboard, train, manage employee records and updating of training requirements, performance appraisals, workforce engagement, payroll, and compliance.

As a small business owner there has been much head holding over the years when it comes to managing the process of employing and growing a happy, healthy, and productive team. I remember those early years and to be quite honest even recently feeling completely overwhelmed with understanding aspects of the Building and Construction On-site award… eek what a head spinner.

Starting out we had a grand vision of growing a team and being the leaders and business owners that others would aspire to. Not quite as easy as I thought!

Like many small business owners starting out I’d attempted to do everything myself and rely on the online services offered by ATO, Business Victoria and industry associations. What a rabbit hole I’d find myself in.

Attempting to do it all ourselves obviously increases our workload, stress levels and often our ability to take care of our own mental health. I’m sure at some stage we’ve all experienced the wrath of an overworked, stressed and exhausted boss and assured ourselves that we would never behave in such away. Yep, I turned into that person I swore I would never be.

In the eagerness to grow our business and cope with the workload employees are often employed hastily with little thought to our obligations as an employer.

Speaking with many employees and fellow business owners the number one thing that seems to be overlooked is a clear job description that out lines responsibilities and how those responsibilities will be measured. The second is employee agreements or contracts setting the boundaries and expectations of employment.

With process in place, boundaries, standards, and expectations clearly stated for both employer and employee we can manage our team with confidence and concentrate on the most important aspect. The health, wellbeing and productive of us and our people.

We are all people; we all have stuff to deal with as leaders we can make or break someone so lets all aim to be great business owners and leaders.

I have invited Peter Maguire form Ridgeline HR to speak at our next Building Connections “Laugh and Learn” so if your looking to learn more in a fun environment click here